Dermabrasion Scar Revision

Before and After Dermabrasion Scar Revision
Dermabrasion Advances Scar Revision

The disfigurement of facial scarring is one of the most traumatic injuries that a person “literally” has to face the world. Long after the often excruciating pain and initial wound healing; a person endures social stigma and deep psychological wounds and depression. Modern advancement provides new hope and relief in the hands of today’s highly skilled cosmetic surgeons. The advances in Dermabrasion technique in adjunct with other dermatologic surgical procedures have put it at the forefront as a scar revision treatment.

Dermabrasion is non-surgical. It is a technique that is used to revise scars with abnormal skin texture or to reduce ones that are raised. It can also used in conjunction with other methods of scar revision to further blend the skin surface.

Dermabrasion Basics

Unlike micro-dermabrasion; dermabrasion creates a wound that can take a few days or a week to completely heal. The purpose is to give the skin a smoother and more refined appearance than prior to the procedure. The use in scar revision becomes obvious. Dermabrasion is analogous to a finishing carpenters sanding of fine woodworking. Micro-instruments with an abrasive rotary tip are used to refine the contour of the skin. This medical procedure also requires a delicate touch and a since of artistry. Scar revision is intended to improve the cosmetic appearance of skin irregularities and blemishes resulting from prior injury or unsatisfactory surgical repair. These include scars that are raised, discolored, depressed, poorly aligned and/or have mismatched texture. Often times scars that are quite obvious and unsightly can be revised to blend naturally into the surrounding skin, making them barely noticeable.

Dermabrasion has minimal complications when expertly performed. The simplicity of learning the procedure advanced its popularity in dermatology. Some applications formerly treated with Dermabrasion are now treated with lasers. Yet within specific medical indications it remains a bona fide modality with the best facial plastic surgeons.