Scar Revision from Breast Augmentation

All surgeries are going to leave a scar. The leading cosmetic surgeons who specialize in breast augmentation are good at reducing the visibility of the scar. The very best surgeons make sure only very close scrutiny reveal the signature of their work. The techniques for revising scars very and are applied as the surgeon deems best for the patient and their particular case. Often women undergo more than one breast implant surgery. If a woman has suffered from a poor elective procedure the top cosmetic doctors can redo the surgery and also revise the scarring in the same procedure.

Do breast implants last a lifetime? Women considering breast augmentation ask this question frequently. Breast implants are not made with an expiration date, so you should be able to enjoy the results for many years. However, unexpected issues occur for a certain number of patients. If you think you’re experiencing a problem with your breast implants, call us to schedule a consultation and Dr. Hess will see you as soon as possible.

Reasons for Revision Breast Augmentation
Problems that occur after breast implant surgery. Most often they are corrected with a brief revision surgery. Of course, Some of the reasons women seek revision of breast augmentation are :

  • Breast implant rippling
  • Volume adjustment of saline implants
  • Scar revision procedure
  • Change in implant size preferences
  • Switch from saline to silicone implants
  • Areola size reduction
  • Noticeable breast asymmetry
  • Symmastia
  • Nipple ptosis or sagging
  • Breast implant displacement
  • Breast implant rupture
  • Nipple malposition
  • Scar tissue surrounding implant
  • High riding implants