Scalp MicroPigmentation

Scalp MicroPigmentation is one of the newest non-surgical procedure which allows patients to improve the appearance of balding areas by the use of dermal pigments. This procedure can be done without the use of any anesthetics. The doctor performing the procedure is required to carefully match the dermal pigment with the color of the patient’s hair. After making the match the pigments will then be superficially introduced into the skin decreasing the level of pain and minimizing the risk of the pigments spreading.

Scalp MicroPigmentation

Left: Before SMP; Right: After SMP

Scalp MicroPigmentation is an ideal procedure for those who have male patterned baldness, scalp scars, female patterned baldness. Patients who do not have enough donor hair to adequately cover the balding area can use this procedure to help add to the look of the area which is balding.

The only disadvantage that this procedure has is that patients need to have touch up once every few years as the color will fade away. In order to know if you are a candidate for the procedure and how many sessions you would require, you would need to call a doctor offering this service to schedule a consultation appointment.

FUE vs Strip Study

Doctor Parsa Mohebi, founder of US Hair Restoration, is enrolling participants for the FUE vs Strip study at his Southern California hair transplant centers. The purpose of the study is to be able to make viable comparisons between the benefits of the follicular unit extraction (FUE) and strip method (FUT) of hair transplantation. The study will help identify the final hair quality, survival rate, and the comparison of the overall success of the two methods of hair transplantation.

The FUE vs Strip study will be done around the world, including Los Angeles, Colorado, New York, Brazil, and India, in order to increase the sample size and provide more accurate results. Participants of the study will first need to meet with the hair transplant surgeon to identify if they are a good candidate for the study. After the procedure, all candidates will be required to go in for a 6 and 12 month follow up visit so that the hair transplant surgeon can evaluate the results. For a limited time, Dr. Parsa Mohebi is providing an incentive to all participants for the study, due to their dedicated time and commitment.

For more information about the study, please call the offices of Dr. Parsa Mohebi at (888) 302-8747.