Scalp Micro Pigmentation

The new innovative non-surgical procedure, Scalp Micro Pigmentation also known as SMP is becoming a very popular procedure. SMP is done using dermal pigments. The Doctor finds a compatible pigment to the patient’s hair and introduces it into the scalp, through the use of the SMP machine. The insertions of the pigments are very superficial, which will reduce the level of pain and discomfort the patient may feel.

The many benefits of this procedure are:

SMP Before and After Procedure

Left: Before Procedure, Right: After Procedure

-No recovery time
-More cost efficient than a surgical procedure
-Most cases local anesthesia is not needed
-Eliminates appearance of baldness without hair

The only disadvantage that this procedure has is its non-permanence. The procedure will require touch ups in the future, but will vary among different individuals.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation can be used to cover a full head that is bald or it can be used to cover a small area. SMP is also used to minimize and camouflage the visibility of scars on the scalp. SMP gives the impression of a shaved head appearance. This procedure is also great for women who do not have enough donor hair and would like to have this procedure done with having a hair transplant to fully cover their hair loss.

This new innovative procedure has helped many patients overcome the stress that they live through daily that is associated with their baldness. As with any other procedure, choosing an experienced Doctor is vital to achieve desired results.